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QUIZ: Do I Need A Private Cloud?

  1. Are your critical company servers sitting in a closet or under someone's desk in your office?
  2. Can your computer room be walked into by anyone, including the nightly cleaning crew?
  3. Does your computer room get really warm, especially on Sundays when your building turns off the A/C?
  4. Do you ever have power outages in your building (even those required by the Yearly Fire Department Inspection)?
  5. Does your Internet ever go down and leave your servers unavailable?

Scoring Instructions

For each question answered YES, score 1 point. For each question answered NO, score 0 points.

Score Total 5: Disaster Has Already Struck And You Just Don't Know It
Score Total 1-4: It's Just A Matter Of Time Before Disaster Strikes
Score Total 0: You're fine, go surf the Internet for something more interesting than this web page

Private Cloud Management from I2X keeps critical servers and data secure, controlled and locked tight. Protected 24 hours a day.

Private Cloud Management Services From I2X Allows You To:

  • Keep Your Most Important Data Safe - Our private cloud is SOC audited, PCI compliant and meet the highest levels of security for Financial, Government, Healthcare, Media, Entertainment and Retail clients
  • Never Be Down - Multiple network backbone carriers keep you connected all the time and N+1 UPS systems of conditioned power with diesel backup generators keep you powered up and always available
  • Be Secure All The Time - 24x7 personnel on site, security cameras throughout our facility and surrounding areas, controlled access with keycards and biometric scanners, mantraps and controlled access lists
  • Do More With Less - Rid your office of multiple servers, equipment, wires and the annoying hum of machines

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