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With the influx of new developments in mobile technology and the undeniable rapid growth of smartphone-class devices’ market share, companies and businesses must recognize the challenges and the opportunities that come with it. Adapting to technology changes is understandably not an easy task for a business, however, engaging is key to giving your business the extra boost it needs to be successful.


I2X can deliver rich web applications to these two mediums (iPhone and Droid). We fully recognize how both can facilitate in giving your business the presence it needs to keep up with today’s fast-paced mobile-oriented, social media centric society.

iPhone/Droid Web Development
I2X creates mobile-ready versions of your company’s existing website by extending its full functionality to its current and prospective customers’ smart phones (or other web-enabled handheld device depending on the requirements).

Some of the benefits and features of an optimized website for a mobile device are:

  • Designed specifically for cell phone browsers and smaller screen sizes which means information and content are displayed properly
  • Wider reach and accessibility which opens up your market size
  • Enhanced user experience generates positive feedback which is a powerful marketing tool without the advertising costs
  • Visitor’s convenience equals higher recommendations and increase in customer loyalty
  • Minimal maintenance since any changes /upgrades you make in your regular website is automatically propagated to your mobile website


Website access via mobile devices has dramatically increased especially with the proliferation of smartphones and superphones like the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One Google phone. This consumer buying behavior supports the clear indications that smartphone-class devices are truly becoming the norm. With iPhone high on the rankings and Droid following close behind, this trend will continue as major advances in mobile technology develop.

I2X identifies the benefits your business can partake by focusing on the immense opportunity that lays ahead a growing number of consumers having mobile devices which are web-enabled and use these smart gadgets to purchase, search, download, learn, stay informed or get entertained on a daily basis.

We enable companies, small or large in scale, to leverage their content and deploy revenue-generating business solutions in this new medium. Call 1 800-777-5112 or e-mail us to learn more.

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